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What makes you

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This page comes from our editors in Ireland. Carrabane National School, Athenry

Our Country

Many tourists come to our country because of the beautiful scenery, ancient castles and unpolluted environment. I hope that we can keep our countryside like this. The weather never gets too hot or too cold, but we get a lot of rain.Our

Local Area

Most people around here live on farms or work in the nearby towns. Cattle and sheep rearing are the most popular types of agriculture. Milk production is an important activity.

Olive Loughnane, who Represented Ireland at the Sydney Olympics in the 20km walk, attended our school when she was a child.

The famous actress, Anjellica Huston, (Mortitia in The Addams Family) also went to school here, when her father John Huston lived in the nearby St. Cleran’s House. This house is now a beautiful hotel.

Robert O’Hara Burke, who led the first expedition to cross the Australian continent in 1861, lived in St. Cleran’s also!

Read more from this week's other editors: Romania and Latvia
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