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What makes you

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This page comes from our editors in Ireland. Carrabane National School, Athenry


Our family makes cheese we live in Co.Galway. We get the milk from our cows, we live on a farm. In the morning we pour the milk into the cheese vat . After a few hours later we add the salt and the rennet. The rennet helps the milk turn into curds .The curds are cut by blades. Curds separate from the whey. The whey is then poured out of the vat and you can feed the whey to your pigs . Hot water is added to bring the curds up to 33(C. The blades cut the curds into smaller pieces for 15-10 minutes. Then the whey is poured out again . This process is repeated again. After the last wash the cheese is fit for moulding. After moulding, weights are put on the chees . The cheese is left for around 4 hours but we turn it in between . When the cheese is pressed it is brought down to the brine room . We shake salt over the cheese and leave the cheese there for one night. We take the cheeses out the next day and put it in the drying room. They stay in there for one day. The next day we bring and put a protective coating on them. After a few days we wax them and leave them down in the cold room. We leave them there until they are sold. My dad delivers the cheese. It is sold all around Ireland .We won two British Cheese awards for the two types of cheese: Original and Peppered. We have five different flavours: they are Peppered, Original, Touch of Spice, Garlic and Herbs, Italian and Smoked.

Read more from this week's other editors: Romania and Latvia
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