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What would happen is there weren't any borders? If there weren't either borders or barriers everything would be simple for everybody! It would be simple to communicate, to travel, to exchange ideas and even to help other people.For example the long queue at the airports could disappear for the check-in or all papers to make a passport.An unrestricted freedom but allowable chaos because there wouldn't be any control and everybody would think to have the world in one hand and do whatever he or she wants according to one's own will. Internet is an example of a world without borders which if it's not with caution it can be come very dangerous. In the Web you're alone without any protection, nobody is controlling you; it is like being in New York down a dark street of a ghetto.The chaos therefore, is there, in a world without borders, that of Internet for example Palestinian and Israeli fight also in a cyber-war paralysing the enemy's computers!!!! Criminals of the Web exist: Hackers who with threats can do whatever they want. Nothing is important than THE CONTROL!!! In our opinion the borders are important because they keep the chaos into barriers even though there is less freedom.

This article was written with LISE DANIELA, my friend.

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