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A world without bordersby Alessandra Cannicci

Have you ever thought what would happen if the borders were taken away? We asked two girls about this subject and we can notice the different positions: Alessandra thinks that nowadays it isn't strange to think about a world without borders; in fact Europe is going to be united starting from the year 2001. Instead, Erika thinks that only few years ago Europe began to speak about "unification". Not all Europe agrees with this because some countries don't take part in the CEE. Anyway it could be a good experience, because there wouldn't be customs' problems and so everything would be easier...at the airports, in the highways... We could know a lot of different cultures and ways of lives; we would be cosmopolites. At the same time it would be a little bit dangerous because of the traffic of outlaw staff (such as drug, weapons...). If everything was without borders someone could feel bewildered. In the end this question presents positive and negative aspects even if the world could be more united and with less racism.

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