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With or without borders?by Daniele Menegon

How could life be without borders? Would it be better or not? We just have to think of a community that becomes a mixture of taste, skin-colours, thoughts and costumes. Will we be able to live together in such a way? Many people are sceptical about this topic because a life together could bring disadvantages to the richest countries (mainly economical disadvantages) even though we know that bringing respect to each other without contrasting the way of being of the others will be an advantage to have a wonderful society in the world. Since internet has become a very important mean of communication for everybody, we really don't understand why this is not possible in the real world. For example there are still episodes of racism. So we think that a life without borders should be constructed following the model of internet, because this system makes us bring respect to the others: for example in internet you can't see the people who built the sites we usually visit, we don't know where do they come from, what do they do, etc....., therefore in our opinion we evaluate their work without any prejudice.We think this should be the main characteristic of a society without borders.

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