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What would happen if the



were taken away

Here are some ideas proposed by class 6c:

  • little travelling between countries, no traffic jams;
  • no fighting for land;
  • people from different countries could easily visit each other;
  • there would be no war in Israel;
  • people wouldn’t speak different languages;
  • there would be no nationalities;
  • people would be mixed;
  • no countries, no competition between countries at the Olympic Games;
  • one president for all countries;
  • there would be no passports;
  • life would be easier;
  • people would use one currency;
  • there would be no foreign holidays;
  • there would be the same car plates;
  • there wouldn’t be national traditions and customs;
  • there wouldn’t be national patriotism.

We don’t quite like the idea but there are some good things about it.

    Written by :
    Caroline Oleksy and Kate Karczewski
    Henry Sienkiewicz’s Primary School no.1 in Mszana Dolna
    In POLAND.

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