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Two news-items from Kildu, Estonia
Newsitem from
member of the Kildu editors, Estonia

In these times life is very busy. We need an internet to get information about our school work or whatever. But computers are pretty expensive here? so what can we do about it?

There are some places where we can use internet for free. Children should talk to parents more about computers and using the internet. Computers should be much more cheaper then they are now. From internet we can get whatever we want. Only one thing is that you need a computer to do that. I`m studying at Kildu school in a small village near Viljandi. I`m a student in 7. Class.

Are in the same opinion as I am? Write about that to the journal.

Best greetings
eTs from Estonia

Newsitems from
member of the Kildu editors, Estonia

I want yo to tell about our school. It is in Viljandi county, Kildu village. It is a Basic school there are 137 students and 17 teachers. Everyone knows each other. It is a good thing, I think.

Our school house is old, but two years ago a new building was built for gym. all is renewed in here.

In our class there are 20 students, it is the biggest class in our school. I learn in form 7. Our class has a very good classteacher, she is very kind and understand us well. she is positive even when we have made something bad. Our class gets along quite well with each other.

My best wishes,

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