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Christmas recipe from Italy

* 1 Panettone of a kilo
* 80g of chocolate
* 850g of cottage cheese
* 10 g of fish glue
* 150 g of candied fruit
* 80 g of raisins
* 100 g of sugar
* vanilla
* cinnamon
* orange water


Put the sugar, 4 spoons of water and a little bit of vanilla in a small pot and bring them to the boil. Melt the fish glue and let the syrup cool. Pass the cottage cheese through a sieve and put it in a bowl; blend the candied fruit and the raisins, the chocolate flakes and the sugar syrup; spice he mixture with a little bit of cinnamon and a spoon of orange water. Empty the panettone: to do that, put it upside-down on a plate and cut around its base leaving a border of one cm, empty its inside and cut it into 4 discs.
Put the panettone upside-down in a bowl and fill it with the cottage cheese and layers of panettone. Then, cover it with the last disc and leave it in the fridge for 6 hours. To serve it put it on a plate and decorate it as you like.

Now enjoy it with your family and friends!!

Happy Christmas to everyone!

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