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Honey Kisses (Christmas Tree Cookies)

Honey Kisses

Brown honey with cloves and cinnamon, add 1 tablespoon of water, cool. Cut fat into flour, combine with sugar and lemon peel, mix with honey, knead with egg, and combine thoroughly, chill for half an hour.

Chill 2 tablespoons of boiled water, mix with soda, add to dough, combine. Roll out to 1/5 inch of thickness, cut out with a small cookie cutter, place on greased cookie sheet not too close together.

Brush with egg and bake in a very hot oven. After cooling, the cookies may be iced with colored frosting. They look and taste wonderful!!!

By Karolina Kosior

3 tbs. Honey
*4 whole cloves
*1/4 tbs. Cinnamon
*1 tbs water
*2 2/3 cups flour
*1 _ tbs flat
*5 tbs. Sugar*lemon peel
* 1 egg*1/3 oz. Baking soda
*2 tbs. Boiled water
*1/2 egg for brushing

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