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Here is a collective article from 7-EJ Langholtsskoli, Iceland after some discussion and individual writing accumulated by the editor!:

Borders divide and unite. They separate one nation from another nation but they unite those living within the borders. The problem is that often different people with different heritage, religion and culture are forced to live together within borders enforced upon them some time in the past. This is not the case in our country, Iceland. Iceland is an island and therefore has no border. Or has it? Our is marked by the sea surrounding our island but where exactly does our border lie. One can argue that it is the coastline or maybe it lies further out. Due to the importance of the fishing industry in Iceland we have had to protect our fish stock by extending our jurisdiction, from 12 to 50 miles from land 1972 and to 200 miles in 1975. Any foreign trawler or fishing boat caught fishing inside this juristiction without permission can expect a visit from our coastguard.

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