Where to go in Czech Republic ?

In the very centre of Bohemia there is a mountain Rip that is connected with the Czech legend of ‘Grandfather Czech’. He came with our ancestors onto this mountain and said : ‘This country will be our new home’. And since then, according to this legend, the Czechs have lived in this country.
But not only Bohemia is rich in beautiful and interesting places. In Moravia, which is the eastern part of the Czech Republic, there is a town Roznov pod Radhostem. You can find an open-air museum there. There are three small villages, the biggest is Wooden village. The visitors can see how the life in the village looked like in the last centuries. There are a lot of workshops during the whole year where you can try to bake bread or make a small ceramic bowl.
The last interesting place that we want to recommend is the Moravian Karst. In this place you can find beautiful caves in which the river Punkva flows. In one part of the Karst you find Macocha (Stepmother) Abyss, which is 138 metres deep. This abyss is connected with many legends. One of them tells a story of a stepmother who wanted to throw an orphan into this abyss. Fortunately, the people from a nearby village saved him. Afterwards, they threw the stepmother there. When you visit this place you have to be careful because the raillings is very small and seems to be very fragile.
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