Places to see and visit in Estonia

We would visit the small towns of South Estonia. We could make a boat trip on one of the most beautiful lakes in Estonia, Pühajärv (Holy lake). Then we would visit the manor houses and a very famous castle, Sangaste. This is a castle that was one of the most developed estates about 150 years ago. It resembles a manor house in England, although the castle in Estonia is smaller. It has 99 rooms and nowadays is used mostly as a conference centre. There is a large park full of unique trees and bushes near the castle.

As we live only a ten-minute ride away from Sangaste, we would surely take you to Puka. Our village is small. It is situated near the railway. The most important buildings in the village are of course the two schoolhouses and our gym. There is one school in the village. We are lucky to have two schoolhouses that we call the old house and the new house. The old house is about 60 years old, the new one – about 20.

Come to Estonia and we will do our best to show you many more places than we have mentioned . Estonia is a beautiful country with lots of small lakes, short rivers, hills, green forests, tiny islands and smiling people.

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