Lucia - this week's mini theme

Photo from Sweden so it does not belong to the article.

This festival is almost forgotten in the Czech Republic nowadays, but it used to be very famous in the past. Every year, on 13th December evening, figures covered in white habits and big beaks appeared in the streets. In their hands they had sacks with flour. They walked along the streets and cried: ‘I am going, I am going, I will drink up a part of the night!’ They visited every house in the town or the village and threw some flour on the landlord. This should secure health and good luck for the whole house. Children were afraid of them, and so Lucia gave those children who behaved well nuts and sweets. As we have already said this tradition is almost forgotten. However, the theatre Pod Cepici in Ceske Budejovice tries to revive this tradition.
Far more popular is Saint Nicolas’ Day in our country. In the evening on 5th December , Saint Nicolas, angels and devils walk around the town or village. They visit families with small children. Children should sing a song or tell them a rhyme and then they get small presents. If they did not behave well they can get potatoes or pieces of coal. The little children are afraid of devils and looking very much to seeing the angels. Everybody has a lot of fruits at home and everywhere is a great atmosphere. The town is usually full of masks at this time.

CAG editors, Czech Republic