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  • Theme: How much do you help at home?
  • Mini theme do you buy Christmas presents?
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Libatse Elementary School

Mariann, Sigrit and Kalle tells us about Christmas presents and a helpful hand at home. To their pages.

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by Escola Secundária Mães d'Água, Portugal.
What we would like to show you if you come and visit us:

Tu ne connais pas encore le Musèe Municipal d'Archèologie, prës de Venda Nova?

Je vais vous parler un petit peu de ma ville, Amadora.

La Bande Dessinèe

Le musÈe de M. Silva

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The Christmas stories from Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

More Christmas recipes
The quiz this week is about
History before 1400 AD. Europaschule Koeln presents a very special competition this week.

The winner from quiz 4 is drawn on Friday. Also the winner from the extra Czech quiz.
The quiz is closed. Sorry!

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