This article comes from College of Nursing
SZS - Stredna zdravotnicka skola, Slovakia

Should boys and girls help as much at home and should they do the same chores?

    I think, that our young people (boys and girls) should help more their parents because their parents are often very tired from work. Boys and girls should tidy up more, they should vacuum more, iron, etc.
    Girls could cook more at home or they can help their mothers with cooking or they can help to their mother with works in the garden e.g.: they can care of vegetable, flowers, etc.
    Boys could help more their fathers repairing cars, bikes…, help with works in the garden, too, e.g.: care of trees, a fruits e.g.: plums, apples, etc.
    But I think, that some boys and girls help to their parents as much as they know and can, but some of them are lazy and they don´t want to help.

(Maria Molova, 1.BDVS)

What do they think about help at home in
Norway? Greece?