Hello from Athens, Greece. We are a class of 6th graders in Ziridis school, a private school in Athens. We were very interested in participating in the Editor Friendship Tour Project .
We carried out the three following tasks:

Should boys and girls


as much at home and should they do the

same chores?

The majority of the children (14 out of 18) in our class believe that both boys and girls should do the same chores at home and help with the housework.
The main reasons they gave to support their opinion are the following:
  • It is useful and it will be easier to do these chores when you grow up and you live in your own home.
  • Both mother and father usually work so they need children’s help.
  • It’s nice to share responsibilities at home.
  • Boys and girls are equal members in the family so they should both help.
  • Boys and girls should try doing everything. However they may prefer doing different things because they are better at them than others. For example some children may be better at fixing things than decorating the house.
The rest of the pupils (4 boys) think that children should help in the house but should do different chores. Boys should help their fathers with their work, car , computer and girls should help their mothers with tidying , cooking and shopping.

Finally, we would like to add that doing our homework and being good and responsible pupils does not allow us to help at home as much as we would like. We share chores at home with our parents mainly at weekends or holidays.

What do they think
about help at home in
Norway? Slovakia?