Alvdal ungdomsskole about this week's theme

Should boys and girls help as much at home and should they do the same chores?

After a discussion in our classes four main arguments were presented:

Everyone should help as much at home
Boys can do the hardest work, and girls can do a little bit more
Boys and do the same things
and Boys and girls could work together.

When we talk about hard work it is often in wintertime needs for cutting firewood and carry it indoor, and shuffeling snow. This kinds of chores are considered harder than doing the dishes and cleaning.

Most of us must do some chores to get pocketmoney. Other kinds of chores is to babysit, gardening and washing the car.

Some of us also think that girls are more resposible when we are douing our chores. Boys hurry to get finished fast, girls want to do a good work

The majority of us thinks that all of us can do the same chores at home and boys and girls can help as much. So the answer of the headline question is YES!

What do they think about help at home in
Slovakia? Greece?