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My homeland is Estonian Republic. It lies on the shores of the Baltic Sea. It is a small country, about 45, 200 square kilometres, not much bigger than Denmark. Population is about 1,4 million people. Most of the countryside is pretty low and flat but southern part is hilly. There are lots of forests and lakes everywhere in Estonia. We have four national parks and more tahn 50 nature reserves.
The capital of our country is Tallinn which is famous for its middle-aged part of the city centre, so called Old Tallinn.
Estonian national symbols are tricolour – a blue, black and white striped flag; the national emblems are a cornflower and a chimney swallow. We speak Estonian, it`s similar to Finnish.
I like my country very much and I wish you would come and visit it some time.

Ivika, 13 years old girl

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