Estonia Kildu School

If you know anything about a life in the countryside you can imagine how it is to live and study far from the busy traffic and noisy streets in town.

So our school is situated near the forests and not far from the Estonian National Park Soomaa. It is a well-known place so called swamp, a we ground where we can find rare birds and plants. Only few people live nearby this area, so nobody can disturb their everyday life there.

Now some more facts about our school. Last year we celebrated its 90th anniversary but it`s not so old inside. The main building has been renewed and it has a nice gym and cafeteria connected with the old part of the house. You can see it onthe photo. There are over 135 students and 15 teachers in our basic school called Kildu. We have some nice traditions like a singing contest and a running competition where everyone may take part in.

We have friendship schools in Latvia and Finland; they visit us and we go to visit them.

Usually we spend our free time and breaks between the classes in the school library or in the computer class. Some students come to school from 20 kilometres away so it`s their nearest school, but most of the students live in the area which is about 4 – 10 kilometres away.

We are used to wake up early in the mornings but it`s always dark outside when we start or finish our studies in winter.

It was a little review of our Kildu School where we study.

Pille and Daniel, 12 years old students

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