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Martna Basic School

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Martna commune (270 sq km, pop. about 1200) is in central Lääne County, ca 20 km southeast of Haapsalu. There is a large number of old villages and a dense network of ways around the community centre Martna. The St. Marttinius Church, erected around 1500, gave name to the commune. There are a14th-century baptizing stone, a pecuilar pulpit dating from the year 1700 and an altar with carvings to be found in the church. For popular fishing in spring and in winter on the delta of the River Kasari and its tributaries in Matsalu Nature Reserve permits are on sale in the communal council. Hunting tourism is developing. excellent hunting for elk, wild boar and roe deer. You sometimes may be unlucky at hunting, but never at fishing!

Anu Jänes