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Germany is in the middle of Europe. Our neighbouring countries are: The Netherlands, Poland, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Austria.(click on the map and you can see them). About 82 million people live in Germany. The capital is Berlin. There are many people (about 9 %) from different countries living in Germany. Germany is divided into 13 "Bundesländer". In the north of Germany there is the North Sea and in the South (in Bavaria) there are mountains. Hamburg is a big port at the Baltic Sea. Munich is a well known city, too. It is in the south of Germany. We live in the west of Germany: in the beautiful city of Cologne.

Cologne at the bank of the river Rhine

The Cologne Cathedral


Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany and the largest city in North-Rhine Westphalia with a population of about one million . It is situated in the west of Germany at the banks of the river Rhine. It has got nine city boroughs with a total of 85 districts. Cologne is a multicultural city - a lot of people from all over the world live here. The famous sight of Cologne is the Cologne Cathedral. The highest building is the TV-tower. Cologne has got a very nice old city with lots of pubs and international restaurants. There are many interesting museums as well: Chocolate museum, Roman-German Museum, Applied Arts and Crafts Museum, Museum of East-Asian Art and the German Sport Museum. The Cologne Zoo is famous, too and we love going there. The "Cologne Arena" is a new big building for music and sporting events (e.g. ice hockey: "Die Kölner Haie" is our favourite team). There are special places for teens in Cologne: on the square in front of the Cathedral you can meet friends, relax, practice inlineskating and skateboarding. The Cinedom (the biggest cinema in Europe) is another interesting place for young people and the city center with all its nice shops and department stores. What is special about Cologne? The Carnival! It lasts six days and the whole city is celebrating. Our school is joining the big parade and we are celebrating, too.

Europaschule Köln

Europaschule Köln is a public school with about 820 students from 30 different nations, e.g.: Turkey, Italy, Spain, Poland, Greece, Bosnia and as well students from overseas, e.g. Africa and Asia.

If you like to get to know more about Europaschule Köln click on our school's logo - it will lead you to the homepage of Europaschule Köln.

This little house takes you to our national netd@ys project.

Some features of our school:
  • We are a comprehensive school = all-day schooling. That means that we have lessons until half past three p.m. (three days a week) and until 1.40 p.m. (two times a week).

  • We have different places where we can go to relax, to work or just to meet each other: a cafeteria, a rock-café, a library, a disco, a games-room, three gyms and one big sports hall, computerrooms (internet-café) and a billard room.

  • Europaschule Köln takes part in student exchanges and runs projects with partnerschools from all over the world (e.g.: "International Class" and "International Vocational Training" with Belgium and The Netherlands, student exchange projects with Poland, Italy and Finland, some e-mail-exchange projects, and other projects).

  • Europaschule Köln offers 9 different language courses (one is compulsory and the others are optional ones): English, French, Italian, Latin, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Portuguese and Dutch.

  • We have an inter-disciplinary subject called "Intercultural Learning" which stresses the intercultural aspects of our multicultural school's society.

  • We are a member of a European Project called:

"School Without Racism"

After the tenth grade we can achieve three different kinds of qualification: "HSA" (for students who'd like to start an apprenticeship), "FOR" (either students start an apprenticeship or attend further training schools e.g. a commercial college), "FORQ" which qualifies you to attend Secondary Level II. This means three more years of learning and after the 13th grade you can pass the secondary-school final exams ("Abitur"). But we have just started our career (second year) at Europaschule Köln - so there is still a long way to go:

In our classroom

Some of us at the door of our classroom.

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Class 6.1

We are 30 children in our class: 15 girls and 15 boys. We come from Germany, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, India, Bosnia and Ukraine. We are in our second year at Europaschule Köln. Our class is very loud! Our form teachers are Mrs Gutzen, she teaches English and P.E. and Mr Erlinghäuser, he teaches German and Social Science. Our Math teacher is Mr Kolbe - math is very boring!

The favourite subjects of our class are: P.E.: 10 boys and 10 girls (we are a very sporty class!) - English: 2 boys and 2 girls - Math: 2 boys - Science: 1 boy - Optional language: 1 girl - Art: 2 girls.

In our classroom there are two computers, one sofa and lots of shelves for our school material.

Here you can see us working on our reports.

We like working on projects like this.

If you want to know what we prefer to do in our spare time click here!