Pocket money

This weeks Mini Theme is about pocket money. How much do you get? Read about what children in other countries get and why they get it and what they do with it. Editors are Carrabane National School, Ireland and Priekule Secondary school, Latvia.

Most of us do not get pocket money. Instead, our parents give us money when we need it or when we have done work around the house or farm. Here are some comments:
  • I would like to have a lot of pocket money to be able buy things I am interested in (books, CDs, etc.).
  • I have got enough pocket money to have some dinner.
  • It's an exellent thing to have a pocket money!
  • If I had enough pocket money I would save it to buy a computer.
  • My parents can not give me enough pocket money because their salaries are quite small.

from our Latvian editors

My Dad gives me £5 each week for doing farmwork such as giving silage to our cows, milking the cows and cleaning cattle sheds.


  • I get £2 pocket money each week. I usually save it and spend it on books, CD?s or clothes.


  • I don?t get pocket money but if I ever need any money my parents give it to me. Then if I want anything I can get it.


  • I get pocket money when I sometimes do the dishes, bring in the turf or go cleaning or sweeping. I would probably get £2 a week.


  • I get pocket money rarely and if I do it is usually if I did some cleaning around the house or brought in turf for the fire. I would get around £2 a week if I did.


  • Yes I get pocket money from my neighbours. I work on their farm. I get five pounds.


  • How much do you get?
  • Do you have to do something to earn the pocket money?
  • What do you do with your pocket money.

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