Alvdal ungdomsskole

We are 112 pupils and 20 teachers, 26 employees all together.

They are building a new school for us. We want more space outdoor and more rooms indoor. A big library is alsom build for us were we can find the facts we need. The library is 101,9m2 . They are also building an amfi , were we can sit and maybe have classes outdoor.

Our new school will be finished in March 2000. They started in May 1999, it will cost 21.000.000 Norwegian kroner.

The teachers are very proud of they're new place to work , and the pupils are very excited. And we hope we will have it nice there.

Because of the rebuilding of the school , the three classes are placed around in the community.
The 8th class is in the community hall close to the school.
The 9th class is in the meetingroom for the local government.
The 10th class is located at the agricultural school.
We have gatherings once a month, so the classes can see each other.

The school has it's own web pages where you can visit us: and you can also mail us at:

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