Alvdal is situated in Hedmark.
Here in Alvdal about 2400 people live.
Glomma, the longest river in Norway, runs through Alvdal.
Alvdal is 320km north-east of Oslo.
The main industry is potato and grain.
The highest mountain in Alvdal is Sølnkletten and it is 1827m. high.
The major is Svein Borkhus. He is elected for a period of four years
The are 3 schools in Alvdal, two elementary schools and one middle school.

The seal of Alvdal is two old skis on a blue background. Skis are choosen as a symbol for our community because winter activities are very popular in Alvdal.

A web-site where you can find lots of nice pictures from Alvdal is this one . Unfortunately the texts are in Norwegian only. But you can see how nice it is here.
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