Alvdal ungdomsskole

Here is our classes

8a Click on us to get a larger photo 8b
In our class there are 36 pupils divided into two groups.
All of us were born in 1987.
In the A-class is it 12 boys and 6 girls.
In the B-class is it 9 boys and 9 girls.
We are noisy and we do a lot of homework.
When we started at this school we came from two primary schools.

We have eight teachers:

Gunhild is the main-teacher for 8b, and do mathematics and Social studies
Frode is the main teacher for 8a, and do English and Social studies.
Øistein is Norwegian and German teacher for 8b.
Stig Morten is natural science- and English teacher
Terje is art, Norwegian and natural science teacher.
Rønnaug is the German teacher for 8b
and in music both classes has Embret
Andrea is assistant teacher for both classes.

Our scheme look like this:

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