About Amulet

Irina Dragoste, 10 years

“Grandma, tell me something about amulets!”
“Well, they mean the end of winter and the beginning of spring.The white from snow and the red from sun are like an amulet. A red thread and a white thread make an amulet. You can attach a funny little object to the amulet. The one who wears an amulet is protected.”
There is a legend about amulets. It says that there was an old woman who sent her daughter in law, Dochia to the mountains to pick berries .But where can you find berries in winter? Then a fairy gave Dochia some wild berries and adviced Dochia to tell her mother in law that there were a lot of them in the mountains.
When the old woman found out that there were a lot of berries in the mountains she put on her nine fur coats and went to the mountains.
But when she got to the mountain it was so warm that she took off her coats. When she arrived at the top of the mountain she had no fur coats .The storm started and the woman froze.
The white from the snow and the red from the berries made an amulet ,too.
“Thank you, grandma”

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