The Legend of March

Ana Raluca Iliescu,10 years

There was long, long time ago a very poor man .He made all kinds of things for dolls: ribbons, cords and clothes. He went to the market to sell them One day he realized he had no material but two threads a white and a
red one. and He was thinking what he could do with those. In a short time he made up his mind and knitted them. He was fascinated of what he created. He added a little picture and then he thought of a name.
“I know!” he said. “As we are in March, and it is the first day of the month could call it ‘Martisor’”
“These little things will be given by man to the woman as a present. And he made a lot of other little things. This way everybody heard of it. So nowadays people celebrate this day because they want to remember the day when the poor man invented it.

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