The tale of Martisor

Angela Bufnea
10 years old

Once upon a time there was an old couple who had a daughter. Marina’s birthday was in Spring. Father and mother though of a nice present for their daughter. It was a necklace.
It was a golden coin with two threads white and red. The white meant life and the red blood. On the 1st on March, on Marina’s birthday, she got the necklace. She dreamt that a fairy told her to go to the fairy tales lend to find out the significance of her necklace.
In the morning she got up and late at night she arrived at the land of the fairy tales. The prince invited her into the palace. They passed through a tunnel of red roses and then they entered a tunnel of white narcissus. They arrived at the fairy who told Marina that from now on the 1st of March will be celebrated offering “martisor”. Every year the boys
Will offer the beautiful and kind girls a “martisor”.
Marina married the prince
And they lived happily ever after.

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