The Hard Working Girl and the “Martisor”

by Bufnea Angela

Once upon a time, at the end of February, the snow had already melted and the birds came from the warmer countries.
A young hardworking girl dreamt one night of a fairy who told her to go to the enchanted forest and there she would find something for her. If she wanted to get the present she would have to meet a chocolate monster. The monster will let her in if she tells him who she is looking for.
The little girl woke up and left home. On the way she met a rabbit who told her that he wanted to be three times stronger then he was. The girl told him to follow her.
As they were passing through a forest they met a squirrel who complained that she couldn’t jump high enough.
The young lady told her to come with her and the rabbit.
So the three of them continued their journey. They arrived after many days at the chocolate monster. Lacrimioara (The Lilly of the Valley) said her name and that she was looking for the Fairy.
The monster told her she could pass. The little girl asked the monster where she could find the Fairy. He told the little girl to go to the tunnel of roses and she would find the Fairy there.
The squirrel’s and the hare’s wishes were fulfilled by the Fairy , while the girl got a “martisor” from the a handsome prince. They got married and they lived happily ever after. From that time boys give girls “martisor” on the 1st on March.

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