The Poor Boy and the Martisor

Once upon a time there was a boy whose parents died. He was a kind person and now he had to work. His name was Calin. He worked in a bakery. But one day as he was selling bread some bad boys stole his loaves and the boy had to leave his job. He looked for work but it was difficult as he was only 16. He knocked at the door of several people but nobody wanted to give him something to work.
As he knocked at one door a beautiful fair hair young lady opened it. He was speechless when he saw her. The young girl asked him what he wanted and told her he was looking for a job. He was fortunate as that family wanted a gardener.
Many months passed and Calin couldn’t forget that wonderful face. He was sitting in the garden plaiting red and white thread and he stuck on a piece of paper a flower and a leaf. Each morning he left by the girl’s window such a gift that he later called “Martisor.
The girl was so happy that she decided that each Spring a lot of “Martisor” are going to be given to the ones we love.
From that day we celebrate on the 1st of May Martisor’s Day.

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