The Nine Old Women with Nine Coats

Babas Carmen,12 years
Baba Dochia was the daughter of Decebal. One day she
became a shepherdess. She had other eight women that
helped her in her work.
They were near a mountain when they heard from a man
that on the other side of the mountain it was spring
not winter like in the place they were. The old woman
wanted to climb the mountain to the other side .The
man told them that on the mountain it was very cold so
each woman put on nine coats. On the mountain it was
snowing all the time. Their coats were getting wet so
they started to take them off. They froze and turned
into stones.

Cele noua babe cu noua cojoace
/Romanian version/
Baba Dochia a fost fiica Lui Decebal. Intr-o zi
Dochia a devenit pastorita. Alte opt babe o ajutau sa
pazeasca turma de oi.
Ele se aflau langa un munte cand au aflat de la un
barbat ca pe cealalta parte a muntelui era primavara
si nu iarna. Babele doreau sa urce pe munte si sa
ajunga cu turma pe cealalta parte. Barbatul le-a spus
ca in munte este foarte frig. Fiecare baba a pus pe ea
cate noua cojoace. In munte ningea,iar cojoacele lor
erau ude. Babele au inceput sa le dea jos. Ele au
inghetat si au devenit statui.

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