About Amulet

Georgiana Pacurar,11 years

Once upon a time there lived an old woman called
Dochia. She had a son and a daughter in law. One
winter day she sent her daughter in law to find some
berries in the forest. She saw a clearing. She didn't
find berries but she saw a fire.
By the fire was God and S:t Peter. Dochia's daughter
in law told the old men what happened. God gave some
ash in a pitcher and told the young woman to give to
her mother in law. The second day Dochia took twelve
coats and twelve sheep and went to find berries. She
couldn&Mac226;t find berries but she saw the fire. She saw
the two old men. She told them she&Mac226;d like a loaf of
bread. St Peter gave her one. She asked then for some
old wine. God gave her a glass of wine. She then said
she wanted a man. That moment she was turned into a
stone with her sheep, and the wine into a clear

Romanian version


A fost odata pe cand traia Dumnezeu si Sfantul Petru
o baba numita Dochia.
Ea avea un fecior si o nora. Intr-o zi de iarna,
Dochia a trimis-o pe nora ei in padure dupa fragi.
Pe drum, a gasit o poiana, dar nu a gasit fragi sub
zapada. A vazut un foc. S-a dus acolo si a vazut
doi mosnegi.Ea le-a spus:
-As manca o paine!
Sfantul Petru i-a dat o paine.
-As bea un vin vechi,Doamne!
Dumnezeu i-a dat un pahar cu vin.
-As vrea sa am un barbat langa mine!
In acel moment Dochia s-a transformat intr-o stanca,
oile ei in pietre iar vinul intr-un izvor limpede.

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