Georgiana Pacurar,11 years

Once upon a time there lived a good boy and a good
girl. The boy loved the girl and so did the girl. They
were in love.
One day in March the boy said to himself: ‰What can I
do for Alice as I love her very much?&Mac226;
He went home, took a piece of paper, wrote a short
poem, put a little bead and a piece of ribbon on it.
He wondered what to do with the white and red thread.
He plaited them. When he finished it gave it to the
girl. She said: ‰Oh, it&Mac226;s wonderful! Thank you‰.
The boy asked her if she wanted to marry him. When she
agreed they boy was very happy.
From that day the boys give the girls on the first of
March an amulet
every year.

Romanian version

A fost odata ca niciodata un baiat si o fata. Baiatul
o iubea pe fata dar si fata pe baiat.
Intr-o zi de martie baiatul spuse:
-Ce pot sa fac pentru Alice deoarece o iubesc atat de
A mers acasa a luat o bucata de hartie, a scris pe ea
o mica poezie, a pus pe ea o margica si o bucata de
Apoi zise:
-Ce pot face cu ata rosie si cu cea alba? Stiu. O sa
le impletesc.
Cand a terminat martisorul l-a daruit fetei.
-O! Este atat de frumos. Multumesc!
-Cu placere! Vrei sa te casatoresti cu mine?
De atunci in fiecare an, la intai Martie baiatul ii
daruieste fetei un martisor.

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