Ioana Florea,11 years
It ia a usual winter day. Outside there are big
snowflakes. Children make snowmen, play with
snowballs, go skiing or skating on the skating rink.
Two kids go sledging. All is fine till the powerful
sun rays come out. You cannot see. The sun rays start
to melt the snow. Birds are coming back and the first
flowers come out of snow. This is the first sign that
spring is near.
All the boys know that they must give amulets to

Long time ago in a far away castle there lived a
prince. He was very unhappy. He went to a witch to
tell him what to do. The witch told him to make an
amulet and bury it in the wood in March. He wrote on
it. The first girl who will find the amulet will be
my wife.
It happened that that very day the girl of his dreams
passed by and found the amulet. She went to the castle
and the two of them got married.
So boys give amulets to the girls on the first of
March in hope that it will happen
like in the story.

At the end of a hard winter a mother sent her children
in the forest to bring some wood.
Although outside was plenty of snow the sun rays
started to melt it. On of the children saw a piece of
wood under the snow. When he picked the wood under it
he saw two snowdrops. He pressed them in a book.
The children wanted to give their mother a present.
They stuck a leaf on a piece of paper, the snowdrops
and a red and white cord.
So now , when spring comes, boys give girls amulets.

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