About Amulet

Bogdan Petru Petrut,11 years.

Each month of the year has a popular name, so March is called the Amulet's Month.
You feel that the entire nature is full of happiness.
It is the beginning of spring, and the nature comes back to life.
On the 1st of March the days are longer than before.
It is a special day because you can give a dear person an amulet: the sign of friendship, love and respect.
A bunch of snowdrops mare you feel better, pure and kind.
The snowdrop is so delicate, pure that you&Mac226;d be touched by it. It gives you the strength to be more loving and kind .
The fresh air, the shy rays of sun the birds&Mac226; singing makes you better kinder.
You feel you that you can start a new, better and pure life.

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