The Amulet

Petrut Bogdan-Petru, 11 years

The amulet is the spring's symbol.
The first of March id the Amulet's day, and the first spring day.

On people's faces you can read happiness. Joy springs out of their eyes.
The white silk thread knitted with the red one is the amulet. The white thread signifies purity and cleanliness, and the red one power and optimism.
Together they give you the strength to go on.
You can wear it with a small medallion .This medallion can be a flower, an animal, or a sign of zodiac. Each one means something so you have to pick the right one for the right person. They say that the chimney man brings good luck or a small clover with four leaves. A small red heart signifies love and respect and you can give to the person you love .
When you offer somebody an amulet you actually show your appreciation, respect, and love for that person.

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