The Witchcraft and the Magic Night

St. Andrew's night is one of the most important of the year regarding witchcraft and magic. Girls measure 9 teacups with water and they put them into a bowl. The next day the measure the water from the bowl with the same teacup. If the water remains at the bottom of the bowl, they are lucky that year. If there is some water missing from the 9th teacup , they'll be unlucky and won't get married that year. During St. Andrew's Night girls put 41 wheat reads under their pillow. If they dream that someone takes their wheat away they'll get married. Girls also bake a knot-shaped bread and the put garlic in the middle. At home they put this loaf of bread in a warm place. If within a week the garlic rises, they'll be lucky. During this night girls also go to the wells, light Easter candles and they put them slowly on the water surface. When the water is shining they say: "Saint Andrew Make it so that his face shall be on the water surface, So that I shall dream of him in my dreams, So that I shall see him for real!" And then, they say the water shows his face.
from Romanian Folk Traditions and Customs-2

Drawing by Ileana and Maria Surduca