The halloween night is the scarest night of the year.It's the year 2000.The end of the millenium is approaching.All the kids are trick-or-treating as different characters..Two children went trick-or- treating to a dark masion on the top of the hill.They wanted to get more sweets and they had been to every other house in the town.There,they found a crystal globe.As they touched it,they changed into what they were masked in.,without their knowledge.After that they came back in the town and they didn't know why the people ran from them.

They kept walking but they found none and they got to a forest .They were walking through the forest when they got to a little cottage.There they found an old lady who told them she was a witch and that they had been changed into monsters by the demon of the globe.She also told them they were lucky to find her otherwise they would have started killing people and after that they would have died.She turned them back into children and they promised they wouldn't go to the masion again. While the two children were talking to the witch some other boy touched the globe Be very careful,the masion might be right near your house Andreea,the 8th form/14 years/

the 8th form Folk Traditions about Saint Andrew's Day,.
Drawing by Edely Dan