The Phantom's Night

They travel the earth and water, shouting and whining, riding brooms or barrels. It is said they dance at the crossroads until the cocks sing. They fight with the "life ghosts" (the ghost-people) and the next day you can recognize them by marks on their faces.

Before getting out of the house through the chimney old hags rub their feet with pork fat. Sometimes they ring the bells. If the doors are rubbed with garlic and the "dead ghosts" can't get inside the house. They ask the ones inside: "Have you eaten garlic?" If they answer the ghosts shall make them mute, but if they don't say a word the ghosts will move to another house.

It is Halloween's night.Phantoms and demons are in the air. Children go to thier neighbours'houses to get sweets.They say trick -or -treat. Neighbours give them candies and cookies.Every child has a special fancy ball dress for Halloween. One night a child said he'd seen a ghost.Nobody believed him.The next day he was kidnapped by the ghost.His parents wished they had listened to him . From that night people were afraid of the spirits of Halloween.

A Romanian believe says that on ST. Andrew's night (the 29th) ghosts walk the earth. But what are these ghosts? They are souls belonging to the dead that don't get "to the other world" or refuse to return "there" after they visit their relatives during the great holidays.

The "dead ghosts" became dangerous for the living: they kill their relatives, they bring disasters, hailstones and other suffering. By the places on which they operate they can be " earth ghosts", " water ghosts", " cow ghosts", " rain ghosts", and "fire ghosts".

Carmen Barbos, the 5th form/11 years

Drawing by Ileana and Maria Surducan