School 10 from Cluj-Napoca

The New Year

Page 4
At midnight and at the border between the years the young maidens went out in the yard with their eyes closed to count nine poles from the fence. If the last one was right, her husband was to be like that. If the last one was crooked, her husband was to be poor and old.
In the house, on the table, they lay nine upside down plates with different symbols underneath: a hairbrush, coal, brain, basil. Each one signifies youth, beauty or the character of the future groom.
In some parts, in the West of the country girls used to chop wood and harrow on the saw dust with the woolen belt, so the luck and suitors would come to their houses. On the lighted night, on the mill’s wheel, the girls throw basil, red woolen threads so the wheel would turn and the luck would come to them.
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