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The New Year

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The “New Year” holiday was called “Head of the Year”, “Little Christmas” or “ Sanvasiu”.
The ancient people celebrated this day in concordance with the cosmic cycle or the agricultural cycle. So, the Babylonians announced the two stages of the year with great feasts that coincided with the vernal equinox and autumnal equinox. The Sumerians oscillated the holidays at the beginning of the year with an elaborate cosmology, regarding the cycle of 12 months.
The Roman’s old calendar settled the beginning of the year on the 1st of March and later on, from the year 153 BC, this date changed officially on the 1st of January, in coincidence with the installation of the consuls. On the year 46 BC Julius Caesar, emperor of Rome settled for good the astrological calendar, adopted and generalized until nowadays, with the modifications brought later by Pope Gregore the 13th.
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