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The New Year

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The New Year is the first holiday of the calendar and solar cycle. It was accompanied by great feasts and rituals. Some of them are children’s carols, the youth cortege, and the play with masks. Some rituals were about the augural holidays. The Plogh, Sorcova, use for New Year’s wishes, the Vasilica, the Horseman; sometimes different plays with different themes like the Constantine –historical plays or o mythical theme “The Three Shepherds”.
On New Year’s night there were more rituals that were believed to be telling the times to come “ the news of rain” with peels of onions, nuts or glasses of water, that were to be found empty or full the next day, as was to be one’s luck the following year.
On “New Year’s Eve” the girls drank water from the bells of the Plough, to get sweet and pleasant voice. They lit candles to call upon the warmth and the light of the Sun over the crops.
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