Unusual Christmas

I closed my eyes and when I woke up, I realized that outside was snowing. The snowflakes were dancing in front of my window.
It was so beautiful. It was just like in a fairy tale. Then I saw a big fir tree in my room, and someone who was adorning it. When I looked better there wasn’t a single person but two. First of all I was scared then my heart filled with joy. Who were the two people? You’ll never guess. They were Santa Claus and his wife.
They looked like two old people: nice, kind and gentle. They smiled at me and they brought me the fir tree and some presents.
Then I realized that it was Christmas. I stayed all night long watching Santa Claus and his wife. I was more than happy. In the morning I felt like someone was trying to shake me. It was my mum. When I woke up my room had no fir-tree, no Santa, no nothing.
I was very sad, but I still remember that beautiful dream, because it was just a dream.

Ana Raluca Iliescu, 10 years