Christmas is a very special time in the whole world. It is the most wonderful period of the year. Before Christmas people clean their houses and they buy beautiful fir trees.
People also go shopping. They buy presents for those they love, their families and friends. Everything is magic. The women cook delicious cakes and sponge cake.
I like to adorn the fir tree with shiny globes, small bells and nice cadles.The presents are down on the floor , under the fir tree.
The whole town is different, especially by night. There are a lot of fir trees adorned with candles and lights.
The people sing carols everywhere. They also send Christmas greetings to their relatives or friends who are far away.
The small children are waiting for Santa Claus to bring them presents: toys, games, dolls, sweets ,and dolls

Oana Bucur,12 years