Georgiana Pacurar,11 years
For Romanians a Christmas without sarmale on the table is not a rich enough one. They are absolutely delicious, and that's why we have decided to prepare them for the Christmas meal. First of all we take a big cabbage, wash its leaves and boil them for 15 minutes in water and some salt.. We peel an onion, cut to small pieces, fry in cooking oil till its yellow. We take a bowl put some minced meat, rice, onion and spices. Mix them. We put in each cabbage leaf a spoonful of this composition, fold and press at both ends. You cut some cabbage leaves for the bottom and the top and then we start to build the folded/stuffed/cabbage one next to the other in a pot. Pour some water and some tomato juice. Spread some savory and dill at the top Let in boil for an hour.
When they are ready you can eat them with cream They are so tasty. Believe me!
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