Santa Claus

After they crossed the bridge they saw green fir trees
full of globes. At the end of the road there was a
lawn with many reindeers with silver bells and a
coloured house.
They went inside and told Santa the obstacles they had
to cross and about Little Liar.
At midnight a reindeer came inside and told them it
was time to go.
They went out and saw many sledges with reindeer
.When they arrived at Little Liar Santa asked for
the children's candies and she gave them back and
then she got very small because she was guilty. She
didn't let birds, flowers or fir trees enter the city.
Santa Claus said that that year hed start with his
presents from their city. When they arrived at the
children's house Santa gave them a nice decorated
Christmas tree and two other presents. Those were to
be opened the next morning