Craciun si Craciuneasa

Once upon a time there was an old, rich man whose name was Craciun. He didn't like to give anything that was his to anybody, and he didn't help anybody. Craciuneasa, his wife, was different. She helped Virgin Mary to give birth to her son Jesus. Because he dindn't help Mary he was punished. First his hair went white. Then she said: "You will never die like the rest of the people, you will never be home for your birthday-on the 25th of December. From Christmas Eve to Epiphany you'll travel very fast from one house to another, from a small house to big castles. You'll have a bag full of sweets, toys and clothes to give them to poor or rich children. You'll celebrate my son's birth by singing The Star." "Your wife will prepare all those presents for the joy and happiness of the children." Since then people enjoy the unique moment of waiting for Mos Craciun to come with his bag full of presents.

Acasa la Mos Craciun dupa Ioana Ruxandra adaptarea si traducerea Tiberiu Szasc,12 ani