Cluj-Napoca is a beautiful, big and important town. It is in Transylvania. It is a famous region from Romania. It lies on the Somes River.

Tourists visit Cluj- Napoca every year. They can see many important places:
The Orthodox Cathedral, The National Theatre, St. Michael's Church, The Opera House. There are also many museums : Art Museum, The History Museum, The Botanical Gardens e.t.c.

There are many statues in my town: Matei Corvin,
Mihai Viteazu, Avram Iancu ,Eminescu,Blaga and memorial houses.
Tuourists usually visit The Botanical Gardens that are famous in Europe. There are rare plants and trees from all over the world. The buildings in the centre of the town are old and beautiful. I am very pround of my town.

ANDREEA TURDEAN,the 3rd form.

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