I think my town is the most beautiful in the world. It is like a pigeon flying through the sky, like a drop of water on the roses, like a rainbow round the sun, like the brightest star next to the moon.
Oh, I forgot to tell you that my town is Cluj-Napoca. It is clean and very old. Here people are happy and enjoy their life.
There are a lot of schools and universities in Cluj-Napoca/the name of Napoca was given by the Romans/
Our school is like a bunch of flowers and every flower is a heart, which waits to be useful to our town
In Cluj-Napoca are a lot of factories, where people work eight hours a day.
A lot of plants grow in my town especially in the Botanical Gardens. But the biggest and the most beautiful flower is my town. It is a special, magic flower which grows in a magic garden. There a Princess comes every night and waters the flowers. Yes, you are right! The Princess is Romania.
I am proud to be born in Cluj-Napoca
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