My Town

I live in Cluj-Napoca, which is a very big town, or at least they say so. Anyway, it has got lots of places where you can get lost. The buildings are old and beautiful, or only old or only beautiful. There are also blocks of flats with square head, that look with envy at the houses with hats of roof. In the blocks and in the houses live people. In some of them live shops and discos, in others rest comfortably museums and exhibitions. The streets are generally levelled and approximately clean. From time to time, all the streets are pitted and there are incursions in the history of water and gas tubes. Then the streets are covered again and approximatelly levelled and cleaned. This makes the cars happy, because in Cluj-Napoca, like anywhere in the world, the cars love to walk on the streets. Traffic lights and shining advertisments blink at unison. Historical statues rest rigid and full of dignity, with a sparrow or a pigeon on their head. We also have trees and flowers, and churches and many others in our peaceful town, rarely disturbed by events.
Over everything, I am here too, and from my window, I watch Cluj-Napoca silently.

Ileana Surducan,13 years old

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